My Sister Is A Night Story Writer (2020)

My Sister Is A Night Story Writer (2020)

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The forbidden love of the younger brother and sibling begins to love the younger sister and the younger sister who seduces the younger brother. I have a daughter, Jeongyeon. Jeongyeon was a story writer who didn’t match her youthful appearance, and she was a passionate woman who did whatever it takes to get the subject of her writing. After seeing Ho-young with her mother’s remarriage, Jeong-yeon, who decided the subject of the novel as the forbidden love of siblings, is an only daughter, and cannot feel the feelings. In response to Jeongyeon’s temptation, Hoyoung refuses to give up her temptation, saying that she cannot be in love with the person who will become her older sister. Eventually, Ho-young gradually falls into the temptation of Jeong-yeon, and Jeong-yeon successfully writes a story based on her experience with Ho-young and Wa. Ho-young, who doesn’t know her purpose, really likes Jeong-yeon. What will be the future of the brothers and sisters?


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